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swim in the sea of the unconscious
This blog is now officially closed.
  If you're desperate to get back in contact to me...
Well, you can send me a message at tumblr...
It's been what, two years since I jumped ship and even longer since I first joined.
If any of you have still been active, I'm sorry that I disappeared like this.
Thank you for being my friends!

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swim in the sea of the unconscious

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Have a huge interests post.
Aye. Comment to be judged added.

passive agressive

And I thought that the latest Yankee to Megane-chan releases were awesome.
Full Metal Alchemist - 106Collapse )
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swim in the sea of the unconscious

Not going to say much about this because it's 12:30 and I still need to write an essay for english, but... wow.

Poor kids.
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applause please
I literally screamed when a certain person popped up
also Coby is still cool. Stay cool Coby, you speak your mind.
...also, Bepo is still awesome.

Naruto was actually kind of interesting and GOOD this week. I'll make my usual manga chapter post with these two and their spoilers tomorrow when I have time.

I finished watching Kobato. today, and it was an awwwwfest. Fujimoto kept striking down my heart with those smiles... SO INCREDIBLY HANDSOME WHEN HE SMILES, SO HANDSOME. Kobato~~~
"Heh, 100 points for me." Hahahahaha

idc if CLAMP's a bunch of trolls, they still make awesomesauce

263 - I'M A DOCTOR!!!
devil's grin
uh, so, I was going to include One Piece in my "weekly" opinions post once all the weekly chapters got posted, but this chapter was just a little bit too awesome. A little bit.

One Piece 578 - A Present to the New Age: "IT'LL BE TOO LAME IF HE ENDS UP DYING HERE!"Collapse )

swim in the sea of the unconscious
Naruto 486 - The FistsCollapse )

One Piece 577 - Major Events Piling Up One After AnotherCollapse )

Hunter x Hunter 300 - InsuranceCollapse )

Bleach 395 - The Burnout Inferno 3Collapse )

just a flesh wound
Let me tell you a sad, sad story...

Mom: Start studying!

Me: Don't you think there's more to life than studying?

Mom: Didn't I tell you to do that another time?!


passive agressive

Hm, what to talk about.. I'm just trying to get into the habit of using livejournal again... maybe I should rewatch some communities... Or maybe I'll just watch the news communities, not interested in being spammed by masses of posts, hahaha.

I'd really like to watch Alice in Wonderland soon, especially since my first post regarding it was made waaay back when... Oh, I don't know. It was at least two years ago.

One of my friends hasn't watched UP yet. I think I'll kidnap her during Spring break and watch it with her since I have the dvd, hahaha.

I MISS EYESHIELD 21  ;_; No, I'll never stop complaining about it. But seriously, I loved the combination of Inagaki's writing and Murata's art. Judging from BLUST! and Madofuki Park, I don't think that Murata's that good at writing, so I wish they would do another collaboration... I mean, look at Bakuman. Still love that series.

.. this journal layout isn't very friendly to me, I ought to change it sometime. Does anyone know any good premade layout communities? I'm already watching premade_ljs and fruitstyle...

swim in the sea of the unconscious

I honestly should start making an entry daily. Why? Because when I make a post, I check my flist.

..the real reason why I've posted is that One Piece this week was awesome....




By the way, I have a twitter account that I do check daily! So if you've got one, send me a tweet and friend me, so I know who the hell you are! :D Username is collude !


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